In an era of uncertainty, business analytics provides the answer. Those that understand it will transform the world. Those that don't will simply watch in awe.


Executive Bio

Evan Stubbs is the Chief Analytics Officer for SAS Australia/New Zealand and sits on the board of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia.

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Reader feedback

" ... densely packed with the Zen of business analytics ..."

- James Mansell

"I would recommend this to anyone who manages an analytics group."

- Michael J.A. Berry

"... his clarity in describing best practices make for a readable book that practitioners should be able to put together at once."

- James Taylor

"A stellar collection of real-life experiences of a business analytics expert."

- Kerem Tomak

"Once again Evan has done an excellent job demystifying the ‘How to’ challenge that every organisation is facing today."

- Mark Steyn